Hello, I'm Ben Kellogg.  I created the "Noah and Logan Children's Book Series" as a way to help other children with autism learn the social and life skills I struggled with as a child although I also believe they are universal skills that every child can benefit from learning.  I sincerely hope my written works are of help to and enjoyed by readers everywhere.

This is Volume One of the "Noah and Logan Children's Book Series" - a treasury compilation of books one through five of the "Noah and Logan" stories in paperback format.

The five books included are:  "Noah and Logan Learn to Clean", "Noah and Logan Learn to Share", Noah and Logan Learn to Tie Their Sneakers", "Noah and Logan Learn to Care for Their Pets", and "Noah and Logan Learn to Make New Friends." 

Each book in the "Noah and Logan Children's Book Series" is also available individually in e-book format for the Kindle or any Kindle App.



I was honored to attend the ANCA World Autism Festival 2017 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, from September 29 - October 1, 2017, and proud to receive an International Naturally Autistic People Award (Second Place) in the category of Literary Arts representing the United States of America for three of my poems, "Autism Awareness", "For Every Street I Cross", and "A Conversation." 

Member of the Greater Mexico Chamber     of Commerce, Mexico, New York, USA


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